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Need For Speed Most Wanted [RIP]

Download Setup File Through Downloader (100% Working Link)

System Requirements

    Windows 2000/XP
    1.4GHz Processor
    256MB RAM
    8X CD-ROM Drive
    3GB Hard Disk Space
    32MB ATi Radeon 7500 or nVidia GeForce2 MX Class Video Card
    DirectX compatible Sound Card
    DirectX 9.0c
    Windows 2000/XP
    1.4GHz Processor
    256MB RAM
    8X CD-ROM Drive
    3GB Hard Disk Space
    32MB ATi Radeon 7500 or nVidia GeForce2 MX Class Video Card
    DirectX compatible Sound Card
    DirectX 9.0c

      Game Screenshots:

      Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 Game Free Download Full Version

      File Size: 360 MB

      Need For Speed Most Wanted [RIP]


      1. @Jehan_Cool_7 What? I don’t no what you said….

      2. HEY!!!
        is it MOST WANTED 2005 or 2012?
        screenshots are of 2012 and the game-cover is of 2005 :/
        and reqiurements are to of 2005 so pls tell which one is it?

      3. lol i just saw the file size :P its 360mb so it probably is MOST WANTED 2005
        just wanna know is it a full game with sound n tracks n stuff?

      4. its awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      5. help me… i don’t know how to install this game

      6. @Herman Darmawan01.Open “Need for speed most wanted” Folder

        02.Click on nfsmw.exe file and wait for few seconds.

        03. After installation click on Speed icon and Play

      7. is it compatible with Windows 7?

      8. do i have to download both parts 1 & 2

      9. @fazdillah mohdHow To Install.
        01.Open “Need for speed most wanted” Folder.
        02.Click on nfsmw.exe file and wait for few seconds.
        03. After installation click on Speed icon and Play.Enjoy!

      10. What i will do with the part 1 and 2 ? :(

      11. @Antonio Carlos BorromeoExtract part 1 And part 2 automatically extracted. then Install the game, play and Enjoy!

      12. hello/ asim khan ”’ your games is best please more games upload

      13. @jith rajThanks brother, I will upload more games.

      14. brother Asim,could I play with joystick?

      15. hey file download part 2 expired
        help :(

      16. is it legal or not??:) pls be honest ;)

      17. @bennyNo, you can’t play this game with joystick.

      18. can we be able to play locally to race with my friends?without using the internet?

      19. @Jay Ericson LlamadoNo, you can’t play this game with your friends without internet. your welcome!

      20. i can’t install . it’s said insert a disk with this volume and the press ok to continue or cancel to break extraction . my HD freespace 370GB . help please :(

      21. @rado syailendraFirst paste two parts in one folder. Then Extract and install the game. Thanks!

      22. How will I be able to create a desktop shortcut for it? Because everytime I want to play, I still have to extract it again first. :(

      23. @Harriet TagazaRight click on “Speed” Icon, Click on “Send To” and then click on “Desktop (create shortcut)”. Thanks!

      24. its half way of extracting part 1 of the game and it say to extract part 2 first.then i start to extract part 1 first on the part 2
        Is it because im using windows vista

      25. is it work with windows 7 or just xp/2000

      26. is that the full version or just the demo i think the full version should be more than 2GB

      27. im running on windows 8 and when i try to run the speed.exe a problem occurs…what to do?

      28. @AMINE HADJELAYes, this game is full version.

      29. @AMINE HADJELANeed for speed most wanted work on window 7/XP/2000. Thanks!

      30. @courtney smithI’m playing this game on windows 7. This game is perfect working. I think this game is not working on windows 8.

      31. hyy asim is this game is NFS MW 2012 or it is NFS MW 2005 please help me

      32. @vipul chaturvediThis game is Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005. Thanks!

      33. please help me the game is installed but when i’m clicking on speed icon it says dont send

        please send me full instructions step by step

      34. Asim part 2 dose not download pls help

      35. @Ehsan AhmedI will update part 2 Link in 12 hours.

      36. @christopher wehbeBrother Extract Part 1 with winrar and automatically part 2 has been extracted. You don’t need to Extract part 2.

      37. Thank U Bro For uploading this Game.Was waiting for this since a long time.Works Perfectly.

      38. Thanks Asim For Posting This Game.Guys This Works Perfectly.Don’t Waste Your Time,download this fast.Awesome Game.Brings True Meaning To Old Is Gold.

      39. We have to download part 1 & 2? and then?

      40. @Visakh SYour welcome brother, keep enjoying.

      41. asim khan where to click to download NFSMW DIRECTLY or i have to download something and then download NFSMW.

      42. Asim you really have good patience bro.
        It is good to see you reply for repeated queries without any hesitation.
        You are good.
        By the way thankyou for the game. :)

      43. Asim really thank you for the game i hope it full version with extra editions
        Asim Khan the best Bro ever √

      44. hey can u upload max payne3 pleaseeeeeeeee

      45. bro i downloaded and installed the game.. but when i open it i get „Speed.exe stoped working”
        help me please .. Thanks

      46. I downloaded and installed the game as instructed. And there is no problem running the game. Every setting including audio is set to default. But there is no game music playing.
        Please help @Asim Khan.

      47. when i put them in the folder how do i extract the part 1 ??? by the way i have mac computer does it even work on mac? thank brother asim and please reply bak soon :)

      48. @Goku DBZBrother this game not for mac computer. We are uploading games for PC. Welcome!

      49. all that appear in my download is the setup.exe and data folder. how to install this?

      50. asim khan,

        i can’t save my allias. so when i quit paying the game, it will not save.

        can i do something about this?

      51. the Screen Shot show NFS 2012 not most wanted

      52. @Rafi FernandaIt’s need for speed most wanted 2005. Welcome!

      53. what this could be for Windows 8

      54. thanks for nfs most wanted…………

      55. friend that is NFSMW 2012 right??

      56. @GG C-riBrother this game is need for speed Most Wanted 2005. Screenshots are of 2012 but the game is Most Wanted 2005.

      57. which should i download ? the NFSMW Highly Compressed or the Full Version ?

      58. thanks, the game work! But there is no music…….why?

      59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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