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Age Of Empires 2

Age Of Empires 2

System Requirements :

Windows 95/98/NT4
Pentium 166MHz Processor
HDD: 300MB Hard Disk Space
VGA: 2MB Video SVGA 800x600 Resolution Card @ 256-colors
4X CD-ROM Drive

PC Game Screenshots:

How To Download and Install Game?
  1. Click on Blink word "Click Here To Download" and download Part 1, Part 2.
  2. Extract Part 1 with winrar and automatically all parts has been extracted.. (Download Winrar)
  3. Open "AOE 2 - Check Games 4U" folder, double click on "Setup" and install it.
  4. After installation complete go to the folder where you install the game.
  5. Click on "Register" to add small pieces of information to your computers registry.
  6. Open folder, double click on "empires2" icon to play the game. Enjoy!

Age Of Empires 2 Free Download Full Version PC Game

File Size: 126 MB
Password is:

Age Of Empires 2
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+ comments + 71 comments

25 March 2013 17:04

My favorite game

25 March 2013 17:05

Age Of Empires 2 is the best version of Age Of Empires

31 March 2013 20:06

I love Age OF Empires II

1 April 2013 18:19

I love AoE.

1 April 2013 23:18

it asks for a password, help?

2 April 2013 03:09

@AnonymousPassword is checkgames4u

5 April 2013 12:22

Koq GK Full ???

21 April 2013 12:46

full version or trial??

21 April 2013 14:26

@Muhd Haikal Abdul RaufOf course Full Version. All games are absolutely Full version and Free for PC.

24 April 2013 18:18

the graphic seems off, for example, the grass area were full of tiny red and green specks. may i know what is wrong? my pc can play skyrim on high def(for example) with no problems.

2 May 2013 19:08

cheats for ages of empire 2 are
for food, cheese steak jimmy's.......for gold robin hood..... for stones rock on....... for wood lumberjack..... for full map macro

2 May 2013 23:46

@soidrawI don't no what's problem in your computer. This game great working on my PC.

10 May 2013 12:52

this is my favourite game

18 May 2013 03:41


I Have the same problem. I have a Windows 7 computer.

18 May 2013 14:57

@Pale SkeletonI have a Windows Xp computer. I Check this game. This game is great working.

19 May 2013 12:38

Please rply fast i want to know is this download provide AOE in English language

20 May 2013 18:33

@ekansh singhYes, this game is in English language.

12 June 2013 18:25

To unzip it requires password, what is the password ?

13 June 2013 00:14

@FaizhussainPassword is: checkgames4u

14 June 2013 22:36

Becos this game was made in 1999 its not compatible with Windows Vista or higher. So you need to close sidebar from taskmanager; How to close the sidebar
1.Start the game.
2.Alt+tab to desktop
3.Start taskamanager Ctrl+Alt+Del
4.Go to Processes section in taskmanager
5.Click the explorer.exe and then End process.
6.Alt+tab back to game
After game if you want sidebar back... Do this! (or restart computer from button)
1.Go to taskmanager.
2.Go to Applications section New Task
4.Write explorer.exe
5.Cogratzs if zou succeed!

20 June 2013 20:22

It's not downloading... Can Anyone tell me in detail how to download this awesome game ??

20 June 2013 23:21

@Jay DalHow to Download age Of empires 2:

First Click on blink word "Download", wait for 5 second. Then click on "Skip Add", write capcha and then click on "Download", and download age of empires 2 - the age of king. Welcome!

12 July 2013 22:12

it asks for a password, help?

15 July 2013 16:51

@Pranav VeeraniPassword is: checkgames4u

17 July 2013 16:06

it totally works ..can you please add age of empires 3 Asian dynasties

17 July 2013 16:24

@Laksh GuptaI will upload in few days. Welcome!

18 July 2013 09:11

more of strategy games and thanks

19 July 2013 05:23

I will Upload. Welcome!

23 July 2013 00:12

Thank u! =)

23 July 2013 01:16


23 July 2013 12:36

do you have stronghold 2?

24 July 2013 07:19

@Kevin QuinteroNo, but i will upload. Welcome!

4 August 2013 02:04

when i download the games and try to extract it asking the password.Please tell me the password

5 August 2013 04:42

@muhsin kpBrother password is: checkgames4u

20 August 2013 20:43

Best site ever thanks asim khan your the best ever.

21 August 2013 01:11

@Iven CaruanaYour Welcome!

27 August 2013 08:21

hey can you upload lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 thanks for the game bro

27 August 2013 17:17

@Rupinder SinghBrother i will upload this game in few days. Welcome!

29 August 2013 15:46

why ican't open it ? :(

29 August 2013 17:36

@gianni ditillieuBrother i don't no what you saying me. Tell me the matter clearly. Welcome!

31 August 2013 17:13

Can you upload Age of empires 2: The Conquerors

31 August 2013 19:33

@Gašper BercBrother i will upload this game. Welcome!

1 September 2013 23:29

If you have Ubuntu, you can run it with Wine application.

4 September 2013 13:45

Tks you so much ^^ i'm playing game now

5 September 2013 14:36

Your welcome, keep enjoying!

21 September 2013 18:14

great!! ^^ thanks alot man :D

23 September 2013 10:04

Can it work on windows 7?

3 October 2013 02:54

@Imank ElrealYes, it's working on windows 7. Welcome!

4 November 2013 22:35

great site,anyway thanks for the game..

5 November 2013 15:26

umm this password does not work anyway D:

7 November 2013 18:46

@tyler jordanBrother password is: checkgames4u

7 November 2013 19:02

@FIZTYou're Welcome, keep enjoying!

11 November 2013 01:35

Its showing "File Removed for Violation", what to do ???
I need this game, this is my fav strategy game....plzzz help me :(

12 November 2013 00:09

@Stars of CricketThanks for reporting dead links. I will re-upload this game in 1 hour. Welcome1

12 November 2013 09:42

@Asim Khan

12 November 2013 11:34

The link is dead brother
can you re-upload it?

12 November 2013 18:44

@farid nugrahabrother, link updated.

14 November 2013 21:52

@byronYou're welcome!

15 November 2013 01:38

sir cannot download the link. it says "The file you requested (id dcfa41ce) does not exist. It might have been deleted due to inactivity (no downloads) or due to not complying with our terms." can you help this out. thanks :D

15 November 2013 18:55

@PlajunzThanks for reporting dead links. I will upload this game in two hour's. Welcome!

23 November 2013 00:59

Thanks for updating sir. But sir can you help please I can't still access the folder whenever I unzip it there's an error occured it asks for password. A second password for specific. Can help me please.

24 November 2013 06:35

@PlajunzBrother Password is:

14 December 2013 21:07

it says failed to decompress when i try to extract it help!

15 December 2013 03:19

@shaun martelloBrother you type wrong password. Copy and paste this password

16 December 2013 05:28

@Asim Khan
it didn't ask for password

18 December 2013 19:34

@shaun martelloBrother link updated. Now redownload this game and extract this game without Password.

7 February 2014 20:07


14 February 2014 22:53

@idina sabariWelcome bro!

23 February 2014 23:13

sir its not working on my winxp pk2 :( plz help me its when i click on icon its do nothing

24 February 2014 01:04

@innocent NoorReinstall this game and then try. Brother here's guide step by step how to install this game.

01. Open "AOE 2 - Check Games 4U" folder, double click on "Setup" and install it.

02. After installation complete go to the folder where you install the game.

03. Click on "Register" to add small pieces of information to your computers registry.

04. Open folder, double click on "empires2" icon to play the game. Enjoy!

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